APAP and the Emerging Leadership Institute

The Emerging Leadership Institute is geared towards those who work in arts administration and are in the first decade of their careers.    Little did i know that this would be the trip of a lifetime, and expose me to other folks working in my field who would inspire, motivate and help me recognize not just my potential as a leader, but help me realize that i already am a leader, whether my job title specifies it or not.  For two days, 25 of us learned from each other, exploring leadership styles and what we value about the work we do and the kind of leaders we value. From the very beginning, I was able to see issues and topics emerging that I could relate to my every day work.  It was amazing to see how others are also having similar experiences, and are striving for the same kinds of fulfillment that I am.  I didn’t realize how much we would all have in common regarding our values, and how we want those reflected in the work we do.

I feel like the field is changing, and that was apparent in the way we value our work and the ways we want the freedom to explore and be encouraged to take risks and be creative.  The creativity aspect seems so obvious, but when we are inundated with everyday tasks and our time is limited by the many hats we wear, sometimes that value gets lost.   I believe the way we value our work in the arts is shifting, and it felt exciting to be a part of the arts at this very moment.


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