Music of Huang Ruo at Le Poisson Rouge

On my last night in NYC, i ventured out to Le Poisson Rouge, by recommendation of Michelle, my Director, who thought that i might like the venue. She definitely knew my taste, because i really enjoyed this spot. It reminded me of Jazz Alley a bit, with better lighting and way better food. I was totally worn out and had developed a cold by this time, so this was a soothing and perfect experience to end my time in NYC. I had empanadas and was treated to the Music of Huang Ruo. Ruo is a composer whose, according to the program i received, “vibrant and inventive musical voice draws equal inspiration from Chinese folk, Western avant-garde, rock and jazz to create a seamless, organic integration using a compositional technique he calls ‘dimensionalism’.” All i knew was that i enjoyed it so much, that it ended too quickly for me! I realize that this is the way i like to enjoy my chamber/opera music-with food, a glass of wine, and the ability to take photos, video, and check my phone if i needed to :).

There were 3 different components to the performance: the first was Book of the Forgotten with clarinetist Vasko Dukovski and violist Stephanie Griffin. Next came the Momenta Quartet, who performed String Quartet No. 3: Calligraffiti. Lastly, and my most favorite, was the Momenta Quartet with the Ensemble FIRE (Future in Reverse) with Soprano, Fang Tao Jiang, Tenor Laurence Broderick, and Librettist Candace Chong, performing excerpts from the opera, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. I had never heard this medley of music together before, and i loved the way the sounds came together. Fang Tai Jiang is a powerhouse, and when she opens her mouth, you can’t help but be blown away. Plus, the girl’s got style, her dress was gorgeous!


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