Stick Fly on Broadway

Months before my trip, I knew that if i had the time, this was the Broadway show I wanted to see.  Fortunately i was able to score a half-price ticket through TKTS, and since I went alone, I got a 6th row center ticket!! It took place at Cort Theater, and I was surprised to see that it was a pretty small venue. It was amazing, I was like 10 feet from the stage!

It was as if i was watching a tv show because some of the characters were peeps that i have watched over the years-specifically Dule Hill and Mekhi Phifer!!  Condola Rashad looked so familiar to me, and i only realized later that i had seen her in “Ruined” when it came to Seattle.  She is the daughter of Ahmad and Felicia Rashad.  It was produced by Alicia Keys, who also composed the music, and definitely contained her signature piano pieces. It was dramatic and soap-opera-ish with its twists and turns and a lead up to big secrets being revealed (I love soaps, btw so this was great for me) but it was also smart in the sense that it brought in complex characters that were multi-dimensional. The cast was dynamic and effective together, and there was something about each character that reminded me of someone or something that has happened in my life, which made it even more entertaining. There were conversations and experiences regarding race class and gender that I have also had with my own friends and fellow cultural studies colleagues, in relation to cultural dynamics, the struggle to defend ourselves in classroom settings, the labels that don’t fit,  and the difficulty of being disempowered and disapproved of by those claiming to also be cultural workers.

Even though the play doesn’t end with everything wrapped up neatly,  there were uncomfortable conversations that took place, secrets that had come out, and truths,values that had been realized in that one powerful weekend in Martha’s Vineyard. Loved it!!!


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