Paparazzi P

So on the last night of my visit, I had an hour before I was due at Le Poisson Rouge, and I wanted to see if i could find the store Strawberry.  Of course, I couldn’t, with my fab sense of direction and all, so i was just walking and enjoying the neighborhood when i came across a group of paparazzi waiting outside of an apartment building.  There were also a group of fans gathered in a separate section.  I had a little time to kill so I decided to stand in the paparazzi section and see what happened.  I was fascinated more by the conversations they were having with one another than with who was actually going to be coming out of the building.  Evidently it was Kate Beckinsale, and when someone from her management team came out to grab her coat from the waiting dark tinted SUV, there was a roar of disapproval. The manager said not to worry, that she would be taking her coat off while out there.  One of them called out that he hadn’t eaten in a week.  Obviously magazines would rather have a photo of a star not all covered up.  But Kate did not disappoint.  Out she came, beautiful, tiny, and dazzling in Louboutins and a full sequined dress that i would sell my legs for.  Most celebrities I have seen in person do not look like they do in the magazines.  But she did.  As mesmerizing as she was, I was more fascinated by the whole scene in general, and how this is all staged ahead of time.  The paparazzi is notified of where the celebrity will be, the celeb makes sure they are suitable (in this case) the magazine gets the photo, and I, in Seattle Washington, get to see it while in line at Safeway. 

Heading back, I actually found Strawberry, and although it wasn’t anything like Kate’s, I got a cute dress for $19.99. I then proceeded back to the hotel to catch my cab and ran into the Red Tails premiere, complete with a red carpet and majestic white tents.  I didn’t feel like being a paparazzo again, stalking poor Cuba Gooding Jr. though, so I just kept walking.  🙂

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