I hadn’t seen Marissa in 10 years, since we were roommates in Miami! It was awesome  have the three of us back together, to reminisce about the old times and catch up on the new times! It was like a day hadn’t passed, and we could pick right back up where we left off. When we get together, a part of each of us becomes 22 again, living in the dorms at FIU and looking for our next big adventure. I anticipate that when we are 87, we will still get together and feel the same way. 🙂


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LC Meets NYC

Two of my good friends, Annie and Staci, were in NYC at the same time, so when i had free time, it was wonderful to have them to sightsee with! 

They were kind enough to meet me for lunch breaks, or any free moments i had, so we could spend a little time together! Since my schedule was so packed, they would also do the research and let me know how to get to the showcases and places i needed to go, and exactly how to get there.  Now those are true friends.  I would say that we made our mark on NYC!

Top Moments:

Marchi’s: Staci’s friend, who is a NYC trooper, took us to Marchi’s, an old Italian restaurant in the lower east side that was converted from a house. The food was an incredible-5 courses, and you don’t even order anything.  They just start bringing course after course of what was made fresh that day.  Best salami i have ever had!!!

Times Square: It didn’t matter what time of the day or night, it was packed and full of life, love, and debauchery.  I absolutely loved it. We made it on to a billboard. Not to mention the Forever 21 is open until 2am.  Need i say more?

Chinatown/Little Italy: The day we went it was 60 degrees!! We ate outside-Annie had the most amazing pasta with vodka sauce ever.  We walked, shopped, bargained, and scored some great deals! 

Central Park:  Staci refused to take a carriage ride, but on their last night in NYC, Annie and I somehow convinced her.  So off we went, in probably 25 degree weather.  Our guide was great, even getting out while the horse continued to drag us along so he could take some pics.  He was quite knowledgeable about all things Central Park, and pointed out lots of spots where movies had been filmed.  He seemed to know alot about Home Alone 2, which i had just seen a few weeks before leaving, so i was quite impressed and excited by this. Annie and I enjoyed the scenery, while Staci spent the entire ride asking questions about animal cruelty, where the horse lives, and at what temperature does the horse not have to come out and drag us around like this.   Since we were his last ride of the day, he was kind enough to give us a carriage ride back.  The next day, Staci and i both developed pneumonia-like colds.  But the photos alone were worth it. Right Stac?? 😉

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Paparazzi P

So on the last night of my visit, I had an hour before I was due at Le Poisson Rouge, and I wanted to see if i could find the store Strawberry.  Of course, I couldn’t, with my fab sense of direction and all, so i was just walking and enjoying the neighborhood when i came across a group of paparazzi waiting outside of an apartment building.  There were also a group of fans gathered in a separate section.  I had a little time to kill so I decided to stand in the paparazzi section and see what happened.  I was fascinated more by the conversations they were having with one another than with who was actually going to be coming out of the building.  Evidently it was Kate Beckinsale, and when someone from her management team came out to grab her coat from the waiting dark tinted SUV, there was a roar of disapproval. The manager said not to worry, that she would be taking her coat off while out there.  One of them called out that he hadn’t eaten in a week.  Obviously magazines would rather have a photo of a star not all covered up.  But Kate did not disappoint.  Out she came, beautiful, tiny, and dazzling in Louboutins and a full sequined dress that i would sell my legs for.  Most celebrities I have seen in person do not look like they do in the magazines.  But she did.  As mesmerizing as she was, I was more fascinated by the whole scene in general, and how this is all staged ahead of time.  The paparazzi is notified of where the celebrity will be, the celeb makes sure they are suitable (in this case) the magazine gets the photo, and I, in Seattle Washington, get to see it while in line at Safeway. 

Heading back, I actually found Strawberry, and although it wasn’t anything like Kate’s, I got a cute dress for $19.99. I then proceeded back to the hotel to catch my cab and ran into the Red Tails premiere, complete with a red carpet and majestic white tents.  I didn’t feel like being a paparazzo again, stalking poor Cuba Gooding Jr. though, so I just kept walking.  🙂

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Only a 10 minute ride away from my hotel, I was excited to check out Harlem, where my BFF Tyrik lives.  He took me on a walking tour of the neighborhood and i got to see the Apollo Theater!!  We ate at the famous Sylvia’s where we were serenaded during gospel brunch. I ate (and ate) smothered pork chops.  Mind you, this was my third brunch of the day because i had been in sessions and meetings all morning, but somehow i found the room in my stomach-it was heavenly!!  We then walked to the beautiful Columbia campus, where Ty goes to school. My fave part about Harlem were the amazing murals, monuments, and tributes dedicated to folks who bravely fought for social justice before me, and inspire the work that i continue today.

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