My love affair with NYC happened as a result of being chosen to participate the Association for Performing Arts Presenters Emerging Leadership Institute, as part of their larger conference in January 2012.  

This blog highlights some of the one-of-a-kind experiences I had while participating in the institute and  conference, and as I made my way around NYC,  a new adventure around every corner!  It was a huge privilege to participate, engage with, and be inspired by others in arts administration who are also dedicated to social justice work by way of the arts.

If you look to the right column, you will see  3 “categories:”  1) APAP Sessions (highlights the forums I attended) 2) Exploring NYC (the fun touristy stuff I experienced during my down time) and 3) Performances (all of the great showcases I got to see).

The experience as a whole helped affirm that my heart lies in this arena, and that my unique perspective and experience are necessary contributors to the changing world of arts administration. This is the vessel through which “I can be the change i wish to see in the world.”



  1. Priya, Looks like you had a blast! Good on you. Yashica xx

  2. Awesome Priya, Happy that you found something that you are really passionate about! You ROCK!!!!

  3. You make me proud. May God continue to direct you and bless you in your every venture. Proud to be your mom. 🙂

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